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Re-brand yourself

It's time...you have been thinking about it for a while.  Whether the kids are in school now and it's time to get your career back on track, or times have called for you to get back into the workforce, the time has come. 

Workforce re-entry can be a daunting task, especially for women who have been out for several years.  Perhaps you had a career before taking the valuable time to raise a family, and you have let your professional contacts slip.  Maybe you know how to network, but are challenged at where to do it.  Whatever your situation, it can still be a frustrating experience looking for a job.

You know you have a tremendous amount of skills and experience to offer a company, and if only you could get a chance to show them, or discuss your background with companies so they can see past a resume, it would be so much easier.  Hours spent pouring over job boards and understanding today's economy, you know the competition is tough.

Welcome to Momscareernetwork.com (coming soon).  We have combined a need (employment) with a trend (social networking) in an online community designed for women like you AND the companies looking for you..  Whether you know it or not, 80% of companies today hire former stay at home Mothers and 90% of that number actively seek them, yet are challenged at where to find them.  Until NOW.

MCN will give you a setting in which to re-brand yourself from a 'soccer Mom' to a professional business person.  You will be able to create a 360 degree view of yourself and have the opportunity to interact in a pro-social setting with employers who are looking to hire you.  Match with a Mentor who can help you or just network with subject matter experts and women who are sharing the same situation, all for the goal of employment. 

Stay tuned for more information on this dynamic social recruiting site. 


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